About Navision Group

NavisionGroup is a danish Family Office owned by the Jein-family, headed by founder Peter Jein.

Based on success in the shipping industry since 1993, Peter Jein decided to invest more broadly in 2010, and to focus on investments and leading companies with professional management teams to run the daily business. We are not seeking majority investments – but are always open for any kind of equity partnerships in our investments. 

Today NavisionGroup is focused on diversifying our investments into three main pillars: Shipping – Alternative Investments – Real Estate, with equal allocation of funds into each pillar. 

We are long term investors – with an aim of preserving wealth for future generations. We strive to invest in companies with strong management and with focus on long term value creation for us and our partners. 

We have no limits on size of investments, but seek to invest min. EUR 1m. 

We are located in the northern part of Copenhagen.