About Navision Group

About NavisionGroup

NavisionGroup is a Danish Family Office owned and led by founder Peter Jein. Established in 1993, our roots in the shipping industry paved the way for a strategic shift in 2010 towards diversified investments, underpinned by a commitment to partnering with professional management teams.

Our Investment Philosophy

At NavisionGroup, we specialize in equity partnerships, whether through minority or majority ownership. Our current focus is on three key investment pillars: Shipping, Alternative Investments, and Real Estate. We allocate our resources evenly across these sectors to maximize portfolio diversification.

Long-Term Vision

As long-term investors, we prioritize the preservation and growth of wealth for future generations. Our approach emphasizes partnering with companies that exhibit robust management and a commitment to sustainable, long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Investment Criteria

We are open to investments of any size, with a minimum threshold of EUR 1 million. This flexibility allows us to engage with a diverse range of opportunities that align with our strategic objectives.